Sun. Jul 25th, 2021

Bangla Font for Web Browser

If you cannot see Bangla font properly with your chrome browser, then you need to configure on browser setting.
Just follow those step to see Bangla font of a website browsing by Google Chrome.

You can install your desire Bangla font. Here I will show you how to install and set solaimanLipi font. After installation of solaimanLipi, you will be able to do it for any other font also.

1. To install solaimanLipi, download it first.

2. Now go to “run” on your computer and write fronts then press enter.
Font file will be open and you need to paste here downloaded font file (solaimanLipi).

3. Open your Chrome Browser and go to setting.

4. Now click “show advance settings…” located on the bottom.

5. You need to configure from “Web Content”.
Click customize font and set your desire font from drop down. You can select SolaimanLipi for all drop down. After selecting the font, click done.

Now just restart you browser and use.