Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

Prime Bank Altitude Internet Banking

Prime Bank Internet Banking Altitute

Prime Bank Limited is a commercial private bank in Bangladesh. The bank is providing different kind of financial service including retails and consumer account, salary account, locker facilities, Visa, MasterCard debit and credit card, Car Loan, Business Loan, Personal Loan etc.

Fund Transfer:

The bank has internet fund transfer facility which is better than other bank, its name Prime Bank Altitude. The reason being best then other banks are you can transfer fund to any bank in the country any time, including government bank where other banks are only giving fund transfer facilities between same bank account and some banks are only have option to transfer same person’s another account. So this is first time in the country, and a good facility to transferring money to anyone, at any branch, in any bank in the country. If you send money Prime Bank to Prime Bank, fund will transfer instantly, if you transfer money to other bank, it will take 2-3 working days.

Credit Card Bill Payment:

In the busy life, Prime Bank Altidute’s this opportunity gives you release from going to bank in a office hours, standing at line.

If you are a job holder then you might not have time to go to bank and depositing Credit Card bill by standing on line. So by this internet facility you will be able to deposit credit card bill online as you can send money to other bank Credit Card also including Prime Bank Credit Card. Other facilities are recharging your mobile, pay mobile or internet bill, pay insurance bills etc.


To evil this service, you have to be a account holder of the bank. To bank’s any branch you can submit your application for online banking.

Get Verified:

To make your uses more secure, altitude has upgraded its system and it needs a secret pin which will be provided to you after verification. If you are an existing customer and not verified yet after its system up-gradation, you can get verified by going to your mother branch.

Altitude Facilities:

  • Real-time Statement
  • Real-time Balance Enquiry
  • Fastest Inter Bank Fund Transfer
  • Real-time Intra Bank Fund Transfer
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Credit Card Bill Payment

Internet Banking Central Help Desk:

For any kind of internet banking assistance, you can contact given address, phone, email or fax. (Business Hour Only).

Alternative Delivery Channel
Head Office, Prime Bank Ltd
1/C DIT Avenue, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000.

Phone: 01730 785 800, 01755 607 996, 9585483-4 (Ext 737,743)
Fax No: +88 02 9585361